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Edmund Czajkowski & Son Ltd
96 Tor O' Moor Road
Woodhall Spa
Lincolnshire. LN10 6SB

Tel. 01526 352895

Welcome to Edmund Czajkowski & Son Ltd.


We are a specialist firm situated in Woodhall Spa, near Lincoln, Lincolnshire, within the East Midlands, England, designing and making individual items of furniture and restoring furniture clocks and barometers. Using traditional craftsmen’s methods and techniques, passed from one generation to another, we turn your ideas into furniture of a quality associated more with sought after antiques than with 21st century production.

Only the finest materials are used: from exotic hardwoods such as ebony, rosewood and mahogany, to English oak, elm and ash. Experience in selecting timber is essential if the finished pieces are to stand the test of time. All the timber comes from sustainable sources.

Our skills in carving, French polishing, marquetry, inlay work and upholstery, mean that no matter how small your commission, be it a table, decorative box or large dresser, a chair or a dining table – you can be equally assured of the quality of each item. Above all we like to work with you in bringing the furniture you visualise, to life.

We are also experts in the sympathetic conservation and restoration of furniture, clocks (cases and movements) and barometers. We utilise the skills discussed above to ensure that your item retains its value and will enhance your home for future generations.

We can arrange delivery to all parts of Lincolnshire, the East Midlands, and elsewhere in Britain and Europe as required.

To find out more, please feel free to explore the pages accessed via the links.

The linked pages illustrate examples of individually designed furniture and examples of restoration and conservation of furniture, clocks and barometers for stately homes, private houses and museums that can be found in Lincolnshire, the East Midlands and many other parts of Britain.  Examples of our work can also be found in Germany, Portugal and Poland.

We can only provide a glimpse of the variety of our work on this website, so for more information contact us at the address below.